GSA Federal Schedule

FSC Group: 520
Contact Number: GS-23F-0028W
Contract Period: 1/14/10 - 1/13/20

Carpenter/Robbins Commercial Real Estate, Inc. is currently a schedule holder under the PSS, formerly FABS, schedule and is available to do work under the following Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 520-1 Program Financial Advisor Services
  • 520-2 Transaction Specialist
  • 520-3 Due Diligence and Support Services

Being a PSS Schedule holder means that our wide range of real estate services, from consulting to leasing and sales transactions, have been formally reviewed and approved by GSA.  It also means that our prices for these services have already been reviewed and approved by GSA.  This important pre-qualification step takes the guess work out of the hiring process. You know by hiring Carpenter/Robbins that we know the Federal Acquisition process and how to navigate the sometimes murky waters between the public and private sectors, so we can be your advocate and stay within the Federal guidelines.

Another benefit of working with Carpenter/Robbins is that your agency will be able to take positive steps to work with small business in order to meet your small business goals.  So, not only do you get an experienced, vetted government contractor, you are also helping the government meet its mandated small business contracting goals - one stop shopping, if you will.

But how do you actually bring Carpenter/Robbins on board when you need professional leasing, consulting or other real estate brokerage services? Just follow these simple steps to hire us directly through the use of the PSS Schedule and as a small business. By combining these two components, you can streamline or even eliminate most steps in the competitive procurement process, thus accelerating the delivery of your project while saving money for your agency (and the taxpayer)! Hiring Carpenter/Robbins in this fashion will improve cycle times, reduce costs and have a team of experts working on your behalf to meet mission critical goals.

A brief explanation of the work that Carpenter/Robbins may perform under each SIN is noted below. For a more complete explanation of our services and pricing, refer to the attached General Services Administration Federal Supply Service, Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List.


The Contractor shall provide program financial advisor services to assist the Government in crosscutting issues and considerations associated with the overall development and management of a commercial real estate asset program.


The Contractor shall provide transaction specialist services to advise the Government on assets, acquisition and disposition of a commercial real estate asset, any resulting asset sales structure, pricing, and bid acceptance.


The Contractor shall provide due diligence and support services to provide confirmation and validation of the Government's representations concerning the financial status and/or the history of assets offered for sale to the public in anticipation of lease acquisition, option to purchase or long term lease.

Who can order off the GSA Schedule?

  • All federal agencies and activities in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the US Government
  • Other government or quasi-government entities and contractors as specified in GSA Order ADM 4800.2G

Do I need a Scope of Work?


The answer to this question depends on the dollar amount and type of request. Once the agency has determined exactly what it needs, the contracting authority for that agency should be consulted regarding the preparation of a scope of work, if required.