Satisfied Customers

"Steve and I want to let you know how grateful we are for all the assistance you have provided on our behalf. I thank god for directing me to the perfect person to handle this situation for us! I know that we never even thought transitioning out of our current lease would involve so much "heavy lifting"
Tracy Renfro
President, San Ramon Insurance Agency
"Carpenter/Robbins understands government.  Their associates know how bureaucratic entities move and make decisions so they are able to step right in to be part of the real estate solution and keep us functioning within official regulations.  We consider them an integral member of our team."
Realty Specialist
Region 9
"I chose Carpenter/Robbins over the other national firms because of their reputation for attention to detail and taking a company's perspective in lease negotiations. We recently had C/R relocate our 175,000 square feet HQ facility.

They are bright, thorough and put together a team of designers, managers and contractors that has made a difficult move run smoothly. I have had them undertake five additional assignments since our big move."
John Buckley
President, Architectural Glass & Aluminum
"Quite often, things get bogged down in Federal Government project execution. When those times arose, I knew I could always rely on Carpenter/Robbins to come up with a solution that met federal guidelines while cutting through our own red tape. I suppose in the beginning they got a lot of really tough assignments, but they never once complained and always had our clients singing their praises by project end."

I consider them to be one of the country's finest real estate firms."
Special Projects Director for the General Services Administration
"Carpenter/Robbins has been a godsend for our company. You took the ball and ran with it without taking up much of our time. The new space is not only a wonderful upgrade, but we'll save nearly $100,000! Your professional and pragmatic approach is greatly appreciated."
Jenny Lind
President, CHRIMS, Inc.
"Carpenter/Robbins' quality and skills shine brightly above the others."
Contracting Officer, San Diego
"Carpenter/Robbins is well versed in GSA standards and compliance regulations and displays expertise in completing the Solicitation for Offer."
Contracting Officer, Las Vegas
"John helped me make the tough decisions necessary to get out from under a bad lease situation and into a space that suits my company... I recommend the services of all the folks at Carpenter/Robbins highly. They have always exceeded my expectations."
Ryan McGredy
President, Media Net Link
"Carpenter/Robbins is exceptionally responsive and maintains a "can do" attitude even when faced with challenges."
Contracting Officer, San Diego
"Carpenter/Robbins is always very responsive and more importantly, positive. In short, Carpenter/Robbins is an asset to the Broker Branch and the GSA leasing process."
Realty Specialist, Phoenix
"Your team went the extra mile to ensure that we were protected, not only at closing, but for the next 20+ years that we plan on owning this property. This level of service was unprecedented."
Tom Montoya, President
"As you know, this building purchase was a big decision which took me into unfamiliar terrain. Throughout the entire transaction, I truly appreciate that you were engaged and aggressive on my behalf. The Carpenter/Robbins brand of tenant representation for me meant clear communication, reliability, market knowledge, and expertise on how to structure deal terms in my favor."
Gary Gibson
President, Coastal Brokers Insurance Services, Inc.
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